Friday, September 21, 2018


Workbook of contracted projects.

Here is an additional idea for the wood-burnt text effect that I put together this morning.

Burnt ext

I have been working on ideas for the overall look and feel to AJ's BBQ site.

Below is an idea for a photo-realistic wood themed site. The restaurant name "burned" into the wooden background.

The image below that is a close up of the burned lettering.

Wide view

Close Up

For comparison, an earlier idea showing a more dramatic, albeit less realistic lettering.


BBQ Graphic

This is a preliminary graphic for a BBQ site I am beginning. I like some of the detail work in it such as the shadows but I'm not entirely satisfied with the cartoon-ish-ness of the lettering.

Updates to come.

Tron inspired Science Olympiad Shirt Design

Tron Sci Oly

Dark Corner Distillery: a Micro Distillery in South Carolina.

I wanted something worn and authentic looking rather than a modern Web2.0 look that some of the other designers were going after. Shiny beveled edges just don't seem to fit. Not wanting to use any online textures I created the wood background in Photoshop and laid the text as if it had been burnt/carved into the wood.


Dark Corner Distilery

Golf resort marketing group catering to wealth travelers/golfers.



Sonic Print is a printing facility looking for a simple logo that will translate well to different media with little or no use of color.

Though I like what a lot of other designers have come up with; I can also see where more recent submissions to this project are borrowing from earlier submissions. In an attempt to avoid this I went for something more simple; a design that specifically did not resemble any of the other submissions.









Italian Restaurant and Pizza Parlor

Pizza guy Banner

BannerI wanted a Tuscany theme that was uncluttered and had a neighborhood feel. I began with the idea of a brick-face banner with the restaurant's logo overlayed. The logo had been with the restaurant for a long time so it was the obvious choice for the banner but I did not like it as-is. The pizza guy within the circle was holding a pizza that was already covered with cheese, sauce, and peperoni; which he would not be tossing in the air.  The clients liked the change I suggested and allowed me to make this modification as well as change the wording from "Original" to the town's name where the restaurant is located (due to the politics of restaurant ownership).

Flash Restaurant Menu

menuI like incorporating Flash elements into the pages I design. A menu provides the perfect opportunity for this as it loads quickly from page to page and allows for a display that does not need to call other html pages to an iframe.  There is a subtle rollover effect for each of the navigation buttons that gives a smooth and slick appearance. The image in the background is a photo of an archway in Tuscany that I Photoshopped to resemble a fresco painting.

The clients are pleased with the site and have received many complements which they've been happy to share with me. My next project for this client is to move their site to the Joomla content management system and provide them with their own login credentials so they can update their specials and discount offers independently.

Villone Carpentry

The objective was to create a static web page advertising this particular client's custom carpentry business. Though static sites are becoming fewer and far between they do serve as an efficient billboard for one's business, interests, or organization. There were several incantations before both the client and designer were totally satisfied. The client wanted a clean and easy to navigate page with no frills. I wanted a wood-themed presentation with a clean sense of style including some small elements that "pop."  I used Photoshop for all of the imaging and graphics and Flash for the main display. This allowed for smooth transitions of images in the embedded panel and slick roll-over effects in the navigation. The client was very pleased with the results because of the no-clutter design. I enjoy the simplicity of the design as well, while still having placed my mark with the Flash presentation.


Early logo designThis image is an early logo design for Villone's Carpentry rendered in Illustrator. I wanted to take the shape of a house and use that as a repeating design element within the logo itself. The house outline is rotated to form the letters of the business name. I then designed a wood grain in Photoshop as an experiment; I wanted to see how it compared to wood textured images/pictures available on the web. Lastly, I overlay the logo on the wood and give it the appearance of a stencil that has faded over time. Ultimately the owner of the carpentry comany did not want to go with an image that was so "flashy."


logo finalThen comes the circular logo that ended up being used in the site's banner. I went for a wood-carved sign inspired by the simple decal that the client already had on his work van.  Once again he appreciated the simplicity and was happy with the results.